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What is the Libyan education like?

Education in Libya is under the supervision of the Libyan Ministry of Education. All levels of education in the public sector are free. There are two phases, general and higher education. General education is compulsory and grades as primary, preparatory and secondary education. Higher education includes universities and institutes and is supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The health

What are the emergency contact numbers in Zliten?

Information to be displayed soon.

The Municipality

Tasks of the Technical Department.

   The Technical Department plans areas and buildings to be constructed and issues the necessary licences.

Duties and Powers of the Mayor

   The Mayor is the chief municipal officer who has extensive authority regarding project execution, recruitment, purchase of vehicles for him and the municipal employees, purchase of heavy equipment and the construction of municipal buildings. The Mayor can delegate some of his authority to his deputy or assistant.

Tasks of the Land Control and Encroachments Department

   This department is responsible for controlling the government-owned land and moors by monitoring the locations to prevent any encroachments or construction works without a property deed or an official building permit.

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